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Take these steps to begin your academic journey!

As a way to maintain simplicity, USA Program will be using the term “School” to refer to every English Institution/ College/ University/ Specialty Course.

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1st Step: Explore Your Possibilities

Let us help you with your unique academic needs and personal goals. Together, we will develop a plan that will enable you to successfully obtain your educational goals in the U.S. The process is designed to be very straightforward (quick and efficient) - easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to apply.

Because we are based in the United States, USA Program has access and connection with thousands of schools; therefore we are able to serve you better. The transition from your home country into the U.S. will be very smooth.

Please fully complete the USA Program Application Form (Undergraduate or Graduate) so we will be better equipped to guide you. USA Program will fully understand you (applicant) based on your personality, hobbies, interests, financial situation, academic background, career goals, plus any other characteristics as well as academic strengths and area for improvement. Then, we can have a conversation over the phone or via SKYPE to further explore your possibilities and to help you begin your journey in the right direction.

The United States of America has thousands of schools to choose from. You will have a vast range of options. USA Program list our hundreds partnering schools online and we do not want to overwhelm our applicants with too many options (we are not limited to only those particular schools). We work to provide you with options that will meet your specific educational/personal needs. We are here for you every step of the way.

USA Program will recommend suitable schools for you by analyzing the following factors:

  • Your academic performance & status
  • Your personal goals & family desires
  • Your language ability to study in the U.S. and Standardized Test results
  • The best timeframe for applying to schools
  • Type and size of the schools (small = more personal attention or large = more course options)
  • Geographic location = Major cities offer lots of attractions and are usually more expensive (supply and demand). Suburban and rural areas generally have a lower cost of living.
  • Preferred climate
  • Starting date: Make sure the program dates fit well when/if you need to return to your home country university.
  • Length of study: one or two semesters, ESL program/ full degree/ master/ doctoral, lots to consider
  • Room and board: Living on campus or homestay (host family) or apartment/house off campus; involves different levels of independence and integration (participation)
  • Financial consideration (budget).

Additional topics for you to consider:

*How much money will I need? *Can I study and work? *When should I send my application? *How many applications should I send? *What is the best possible college essay? *Should I take GRE or GMAT for graduate studies? *Is my Statement of Purpose important? *Can I transfer from my current university to a U.S. university? *Can I transfer from one university to another within the U.S.? *Which English proficiency test should I take? *What if my English proficiency is below the minimum requirement? *Whom should I ask for a letter of recommendation? *Will I be admitted to an Ivy League university? *Can I play sports? *Can I qualify for scholarship (Academic or Athletic)? *Will a student with a learning difference be able to attend college? *How should I know which admission offer to accept? *How about my visa appointment and interview? *How about housing? *Is the area where I will live/study safe? *Are there good student support services available? *Who will pick me up from the airport? *What if I need furniture? *How about a mobile phone? *Can I open a bank account? *Should I drive? *What if I have problems and need answers?

Don’t worry. USA Program’s Placement Director will be guiding you all the way.

USA Program “Schools” Recommendation

The USA Program offers a “Free Search & Recommendation” for all of our applicants. The USA Program Placement Director will determine the educational path that best fits your needs and meets your academic, financial, and personal requirements, and we will explore and suggest options for schools that fit your desires.

USA Program will propose various schools from which you may choose. Then, we will guide you throughout the entire application process.

The U.S. Department of Education says: “Remember that no official ranking system exists for colleges and universities in the United States.” The best school for you is the school that best fits you!

Apply: Get Accepted   Apply

2nd Step: Complete Your Application/Gain Acceptance

Before the application process begins, USA Program will provide guidance and ensure that you complete the entire school entrance requirements successfully. We are at your service!

“If you qualify, then apply.” USA Program wants to make sure that you qualify for your choice of program. Sometimes, the applicant has big dreams but cannot afford or doesn’t qualify for the next academic step. We want you to be grounded and completely fulfilled with your program choice and attain the academic and personal goals that are within your reach.

Preparing Documents for Submission

After you make your school choice, the USA Program Placement Director will provide you with all required documentation and forms (which will include instructions) that you must gather and submit to USA Program via email (scanned files). USA Program will submit all of the documentation to your chosen school and follow your entire application process on your behalf.

The school will need three things in order for you to be considerate for acceptance:

1.   You must complete the school’s online application form.

2.   You must pay the school’s application fee.

3.   You must provide all required forms/documentation.

If you are a postgraduate or transfer student, you will need to have your Bachelor's degree or grades verified by a U.S. credentials evaluation service company. You can choose one from the NACES webpage (click here) that makes it easier for admissions officers to understand your degrees, courses, and grades in U.S. terms.

You also need to be aware of and understand that there are five typical expenses to consider and have available funding for when you apply for your F-1 Intl. Student Visa:

1.   School's Yearly Tuition (USA Program will seek any available scholarships on your behalf.)

2.   Additional School Fees (all charges besides tuition)

3.   Lodging (Housing) - on campus (dorm) or off campus (apt. or house rental)

4.   Food (three meals a day)

5.   Personal expenses (laundry, movies, outings, cell phones, etc.)

There are many factors to consider and financial decisions to make in order to achieve success in your program of choice.


It typically takes one to three weeks for the school to review your entire application. The timeframe varies from school to school. The process could take a little longer due to some additionally required information/ documentation to be reviewed.

USA Program will continually follow up with your school regarding your application process and keep you informed on your status of acceptance.


USA Program will submit your forms and documentation to your chosen school in which we feel most confident that you are a good candidate for consideration of acceptance.

The school will make the final decision on whether or not to accept your application. Many schools will forward your application to the specific department in your field of study to ensure that you meet the required prerequisites for that particular program. The majority of intl. applicants are accepted. However, if the school does not grant acceptance, it is most often because the student does not have the course pre-requisites or language skills required for the proposed study program.

If your language skills are not strong enough, many schools offer conditional acceptance admission (Pathway) that will allow you to improve your English language skills in order to meet the minimum TOEFL or IELTS requirements. You will be allowed to continue as a degree-seeking intl. student while you study to receive the minimum language test scores required. USA Program will help you identify a good fit if you need an English language program.

USA Program Application/Processing/Handling Fee

After you’ve been accepted into the school of your choice, you will need to pay the USA Program Application/ Processing/ Handling fee of US$ 200.00, which includes:

1.   The school application procedure

2.   The supervision of the entire admission process

3.   The handling of the international express (DHL) shipping of your Welcome Package (including the school acceptance letter and the I-20 form for your F-1 Intl. Student Visa).

Welcome Package

Once you’ve been fully accepted into the school of your choice and have paid the USA Program Application/Processing/Handling fee, USA Program will send a Welcome Package to you via international express mail (DHL).

In the Welcome Package, you will receive:

  • School acceptance letter
  • I-20 Form for you (and your spouse/dependents if applicable)
  • Online information guidance on:
    • Packing List Guidebook
    • Orientation & Preparation Manual
    • Instructions on applying for the F-1 Intl. Student Visa
    • U.S. geographical information about the city where you will live/ study
  • A U.S. SIM Card for your cell phone activation with the largest 4G LTE network (no contract)
  • Airport pick-up information (if required)
  • Two luggage tags


Are you Ready?

Choose: Select Your Destination Apply: Get Accepted Pack: Let the Journey Begin