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Our “Executive Service” package was designed for individuals coming to the U.S. for business dealings that include meetings, attending conferences, making presentations, participating in events, opportunities in business ventures, etc.

The Executive Service charges Per Diem (charge for each day of operation) plus Business Expenses. This package includes Travel Support, Business Services, and 24/7 Assistance. Please see each description below.

Travel Support

Flight Arrangements

Our dedicated team of Business Assistant (BA) managers will make flight arrangements/reservations online on your behalf ensuring that you arrive to your desired destination. Our mission is to create seamless, stress-free air travel experiences that exceed the expectations of our clients. Our flight arrangement service is designed with your satisfaction in mind, so you can save time, energy, and enjoy your travels.

Airport Transfers

After a flight for any length of time, we understand that you will have fatigue and jetlag. We aim to provide you with a seamless, stress-free airport arrival and transfer to ensure you reach your destination ready to do business. We will take care of every aspect of your airport transfer so you can be completely assured of a straightforward transfer and have more time to focus on your business trip.

Your Business Assistant (BA) will be waiting for you on your arrival and will be at your disposal with a wealth of knowledge of the local area and contacts with the best restaurants and entertainment venues. Your BA will meet and greet you at your baggage claim area, transport your luggage and bags to the vehicle, and if you have any special requests, we will be delighted to assist you.

Hotel Accommodations/ Vacation Home

Your BA will take care of every detail of your business needs and help create a successful experience. We will book hotel accommodations according to your business preferences. We will provide reservations for any hotel experience you desire, like chain, resort, preferred star rating, and any desired amenities.

Insurance coverage

You can be sure that we will always have your very best interests at heart, working hard on your behalf to secure a travel insurance policy (life, health, and travel) that reflects your business needs. Ourpersonalized service will ensure you will always have access to the very best rates and can benefit from the widest coverage policy possible


Transport/Private Driver

We know that business travel is challenging and stressful, so our Private Executive Driver will take care of your business transport (except in cities like New York City, where we will arrange local public transportation – taxis, subways, etc.) so you can reach all your destinations in a timely manner. Our personalized business service is focused on your specific requirements so you can count on attention to details. We go to exceptional lengths to ensure you accomplish your business goals.


Whether it is a business lunch for one or a dinner party for 10, we are here to guide you. Your Business Assistant (BA) can recommend and reserve a table for you at some of the very best restaurants in the city.

Business Dealings

USA Executive Services Business Assistant (BA) manager will accompany you throughout all your business dealings to guide you in complying with the U.S. rules/regulations, explain U.S. cultural expectations, interpret what is being said to you, and translating what you would like to communicate. We provide this important service to assist you in achieving success with your business dealings.

24/7 Assistance

USA Executive Service provides 24/7 (24 hours a day / 7 days a week) assistance and support for your business ventures. We provide an extension of your daytime service. We deliver a seamless experience by providing you total support during normal business hours or the middle of the night. Our Business Assistant (BA) managers are aware of our individual customer’s medical needs and are on-call for any emergency or other situations that need attention.

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