Pack: Let the Journey Begin

Apply for Your Intl. Student F-1 Visa & Start the Journey

“The dream begins”

After you receive the USA Program "Welcome Package", you are on your way to your final step of making your dreams come true.


You need to make preparation for your visa interview. It will take time for the processing of your visa. Sometimes and in some places, it can take up to 2 months. Be prepared and informed.

First, you will need to find the closest US Embassy or Consulate (click here) to your home city.

Next, you need to make an appointment for your visa interview. Then, you need to gather your documentation for your visa interview. Please take a look at the US visa information page (click here). For the visa interview, you will need:

  1. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the United States America.
  2. Fill out the Form DS 160, and bring the confirmation page to the interview.
  3. Register with the SEVIS (click here) system online. You will need to enter your SEVIS number that is listed at the top right hand corner of your I-20 form. You will also need to pay the SEVIS fee with the credit card and bring your payment receipt with you.
  4. Photos
  5. Your I-20 form and school acceptance letter
  6. Your academic preparation documents (transcripts, diplomas, degrees or certificates)
  7. Proof of how you will be paying for all your education costs, tuition, living and travel expenses
  8. Proof of your intention to depart from the United States upon completion of the course study.

Please make sure to have all of the supporting documents that you will need to show the visa inspection officer with you at the time of your visa interview. These documents need to be organized, neat, and in good order. Dress in business attire in order to give the visa inspection officer a good and positive impression of you.

During the interview, try to stay relaxed and be yourself. Be ready to tell the visa inspection officer about your education plans in the U.S., why you selected the school you will be attending, how you will be paying for your school and living expenses and why you feel it is important to study in the U.S. rather than your own country. You need to listen carefully to the questions the embassy official might ask you. Even if the official asks you a question that you think is strange, you must answer it. Also, be ready to demonstrate to the visa inspection officer that you intend to return to your home country and your plans after you finish your US education program.

Student Handbook Packing List

The Student Handbook Packing List (click here) will guide the intl. students in preparation for travel to the United States. They will become aware of items to pack, including prescribed medications, second pair of eye glasses, a bi-lingual dictionary, versatile clothing, addresses of friends and relatives, and any other important personal items.

Orientation & Preparation Manual

The topics discussed in USA Program’s "Orientation & Preparation Manual" (click here) are organized in a specific chronological order so as to progressively reflect the different phases that the intl. student will experience before departure to the United States and when the intl. student arrives in the U.S. to live and study. The four topics covered in the manual are:

Phase I – Home Country P.R.E.P.A.R.E.
Request the intl. student visa at the US Embassy/Consulate (F-1 visa)
Expenses (Budget – Financial Planning)
Packing List (Preparations)
Air Ticket (Travel abroad)
Reunite with family and friends to celebrate your new journey (Departure Party)
Environment (Learn about your Host Community)

Phase II – United States A.R.R.I.V.A.L.
Airport (Customs & Immigration, Airport Pick up)
Responsibilities (Rules, Regulations and Relationships)
Range of Differences (Culture Shock)
Insurance (Hospitalization and Medical information)
Value the US Country (Culture, Opportunities, & Traditions)
Adjusting to the host culture (Housing, Food, Holidays, Driving, etc.)
Learn to Adapt (Fitting In)

Phase III – University S.T.U.D.Y.
School (Schedules, Classes, Study Habits, Credits, Graduation, etc.)
Time to make a difference in your life (Mature and Grow Stronger)
Understanding your position as an Intl. Student (Your role at School & in your Community)
Dedication to your course of study (Focus, Internships, & Work Permit)
Year Outlook (Planning Ahead)

Phase IVR.E.A.D.Y. To return to your Home Country
Readjust to Home Country (Family, Friends and Community)
Experiences Acquired (Development & Life Changes)
Achievements Earned (Put your degree into practice)
Dedicate your Knowledge & Skills to your Home Country (Impact your Community)
Years of Accomplishments (Evaluate all of your experiences, and use your expertise to make a positive difference)

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