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USA Program Study/Travel Tour offers endless learning opportunities and great possibilities. The journey with USA Program Study/Travel Tour provides our students with an exciting way to learn about and experience new cultures & places. Our goal is to inspire our students to grow by bringing the fun of learning to life through experiencing new ideas, making new friends, and creating memories of a lifetime. EXPLORE, DISCOVER, AND EXPAND YOUR WORLD!

USA Program conducts 10 day city tours to students ages 12 and up that will immerse them into the culture of each location visited. We use our own teaching methodology to instruct students during the classroom portion of our B.E.S.T. T.I.M.E. teaching system. Students will be fully prepared by the USA Program Course Leader regarding each exciting site that we visit. Each tour will be led by our own Tour Director, and every tour includes a visit to a local major University.

USA Program provides arrival and departure orientation, all local transportation, hotel accommodations (3 stars and up, like Best Western, Holiday Inn, Hilton, etc.), all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), medical/hospitalization insurance coverage, and classroom supplies.

Our most popular Study/Travel tours and locations are:

Also, USA Program will customize our tour schedule to meet the needs and desires of our clients/students. We will make a tour schedule for any specifically requested location and/or provide subject specific tours, such as Christian based tours, sports themed tours, family tours, senior age tours, etc.

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