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Private High School Program

USA Program works exclusively with Christian private high schools (day & boarding) in the United States. These private schools, unlike public schools, provide the F-1 intl. student visa and are search degree schools (provides certificate/diploma).

Christian private high schools are founded, conducted, and maintained by a private group (church/community) rather than by the government, charging tuition and often following a particular philosophy and viewpoint.

USA Program only places our international students in Christian private high schools & host families because we are comfortable and confident that the international student’s education and home setting will benefit them with the highest level of morals and ethics upon which the USA Program Board of Directors places our beliefs.

USA Program’s partnering Christian private high schools provide a caring, challenging, nurturing, safe and secure environment for our students, a place where they can learn and succeed.

USA Program’s private high school include the following services.

Admission Services:

Choice of region/state/city or private school

Application process for enrollment/acceptance at private H. School of choice

USA Program “E-Welcome Package” + School e-mail the I-20 form & school acceptance letter

Placement Services:

Secure a host family & provide the host family portfolio (electronic version – only day school)

Local Rep/school official in the area of placement.

Guide/Assistant/Support - G.A.S. Services:

7 days Cultural Orientation & English Preparation meeting in Orlando area (Florida)

Hospital & medical insurance up to US$250K (US$100 deductible)

24-hour availability through cellphone number for emergencies

5 monthly evaluation reports (int. student, host family, school, and local rep.)

University counseling/ placement & Validation of the students’ grades for university

Natural parents/guardians pay the USA Program annual service fee of US$ 7,500.00, plus the private school tuition/fees, plus the yearly host family stipend, and all the student’s personal expenses (airfare, school lunch, outings, etc.)

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Explore your Possibilities

Take a look at the map below and choose your preferred location (state or city) to study at a private high school. Then, from the private high school list below, click on your desired school to go directly to their web page for more information.