USA, United Students Association (USA Program) was established in 1995 as a cultural, educational, and nonprofit organization placing intl. high school students in the United States of America. With over two decades of serving thousands of secondary intl. students, we established a strong foundation and gained vast experience, expertise, and proficiency in providing the most excellent services for our intl. students

After decades of laying solid groundwork for our intl. high school students, USA Program decided to create a post-secondary placement program for the intl. students at the university level by offering affordable higher education services accessible to all intl. students worldwide. Our post-secondary (F-1 Intl. Student Visa) services include: Search Degree Programs (Associate, Bachelors, Masters, PhD), Vocational & Specialty Schools, Certificate Programs, Intensive English Programs, Internships, and Scholarship Programs for students/athletes who qualify.

USA Program realized the number of international visitors to the U.S. increases every year by the millions. USA Program saw the need to provide extra services to meet their needs in the U.S. while they are traveling here for specific purposes.

The Board of Directors got together one year and realized that USA Program could offer our experience, expertise, and knowledge to benefit the millions of intl. visitors by creating the following services:

USA Family Program was created for participants wishing to visit the U.S. (B-1 / B2 Tourism visas) and learn about the American culture and customs while they are traveling and having fun.

USA Program created three specialized programs for our participants:

City Study & Tour available in 7 locations: Los Angeles - CA, San Francisco - CA, Dallas/Fort Worth - TX, Washington - DC, Orlando – FL, and New York City - NY.

PET: Professional & Educational Tourism in Orlando, FL

Couples Retreat with Christ in Orlando, FL

In 2020, USA Program relocated our headquarters from Texas to Florida in order to better serve our participants wishing to experience the wonderful family entertainment that Central Florida has to offer: theme parks, cruises, beaches, shopping, etc.

USA Program’s relocation to central Florida enabled us to expand our programs to offer the best in family entertainment and business assistance. USA Program designed two specialized and personalized programs for individuals, families, and businesses:

USA Personal Service ASSISTANT Program provides a concierge-type service for personal needs of our participants while they are traveling in the U.S.

USA Business Solutions Program offers services for business opportunities, investments, real estate, and immigration in the U.S.

USA Program has a program catered just for you. USA Program provides LOCAL services on a GLOBAL scale!

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We are at your service! How can we assist you today? Whatever your needs, USA Program offers a service especially for you. USA Program offers a wide variety of services to individuals, families, and businesses to fulfill their wishes in the United States of America. USA Program delivers the utmost reliable services to our clients since 1995

Mission Statement

USA Program aims to positively satisfy our participants’ needs by maximizing our personalized service to them. We provide timely, attentive, upbeat service to our participants by making sure their needs are satisfied and completely met.


USA Program does not charge any application and processing fees to our post-secondary program international students because we work for and represent our U.S. partner universities. Our reward from our partners is based on the number of qualified international students that we recruit, assist, and place rather than the total amount of expenses that the international students pay to the university. Therefore, USA Program offers all international students the best tuition and scholarships available for which they qualify.

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