Stepping into the future!

USA Program has been placing intl. students since 1995, and we have established partnerships with over 400 schools & universities in 38 U.S. states to offer a wide range of educational options to our intl. students. Participants in our Academic/Educational Program will obtain the F-1 Intl. Student Visa from the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in their home country. Some advantages for students with the F-1 Intl. Student Visa include the ability to bring their family with them (spouse and dependents), to change school/college/university with the same Visa, and the ability to work in their desired degree field with an internship opportunity. Students who wish to live and study in America at the secondary level (private high school), for Intensive English Program (IEP), Certificate courses, or at the university level (Bachelor, Master & Phds) with the F-1 Intl. Student Visa (with spouse & dependents if applicable) we divided our academic/educational services into three categories:

Secondary Level
(under 18 years of age)

English Courses
(all ages)