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The United States of America is one of the world’s most popular destinations, with around 79.6 million tourists coming here every year to experience everything that the country has to offer. From theme parks to historical attractions, America offers almost everything you can imagine. It is a place like no other!

America has 50 states, each offering something unique and exciting to make a perfect travel experience all around. A trip to America will leave you with unforgettable experiences. What is America all about?

Big & Beautiful Country (big cities & small towns)

Good Geographical Location (climate & landscape)

Amazing Scenery & Views (natural beauty)

Cultural Diversity (way of life)

Different Food Styles (world famous cuisines)

American Sports (unique)

Best Entertainment (theater, museums, theme parks, etc.)

Great Customer Service (all around)

Easy to travel in the U.S. (safe)

Americais a perfect place to make new memories!

Our goal is to inspire our participants to grow by bringing thefun of learningto life through experiencing new ideas, making new friends, and creating memories fora lifetime.


Participants who wish to tour America with the Tourist Visa (B-1 / B-2) with the USA Cultural & Tourism programs can choose from the following three programs:

Love Connection

City & Study Tour

PET - Professional & Educational Tour