Moacir Rodrigues

"For over 30 years, not only has Moacir fulfilled his American dream, but he has had the privilege of helping many intl. participants fulfill their dreams."

Moacir Rodrigues was born in Santos, Brazil in 1966. He grew up playing soccer and always dreamed of traveling to the U.S. to study as an intl. student. That never happened. Instead, he traveled to Europe to play and compete in soccer when he was 16 years old for 58 days. It was a very successful trip for his team. They won numerous cups and trophies in Norway and Sweden. Afterward, he became a semi-pro soccer player in Brazil at 18 years of age.

At 21 years of age, Moacir decided to travel to the U.S. and start a new life. He arrived in Miami, FL in 1987 and found a place to live and work (for less than minimum wage). However, unable to speak English and not knowing anyone made his start in a new country very difficult. With perseverance, though, he fulfilled his dream – the American dream – of a successful life in the U.S. He is now a husband, father of six, and Founder/Executive Director of USA, United Students Association (USA Program).

Moacir first began working in the field of international education in 1990. His own personal intercultural experiences equipped him with a unique perspective and understanding that he has been able to share with intl. students to help them through the process of cultural adaptation.

In 1995, Moacir founded and established USA Program as an educational and cultural organization which facilitates qualified intl. students to live and study in the U.S. at the high school and/or university levels. Over the years, after traveling to 48 U.S. states and 39 countries, he has helped thousands of intl. students come to fulfill their educational goals in the U.S.

Moacir works with hundreds of agents overseas (South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia) who recruit intl. students to participate in the USA Program. USA Program has over 400 school/university partnerships in the U.S. to offer our intl. students a variety of options (over 5,000 courses and 4,200 degrees offered) for their educational/academic goals.

In addition to the academic services offered to our intl. students, USA Program has expanded under Moacir’s leadership to include professional services for all intl. participants, such as tourism, personal assistant services, immigration, real estate, and business solutions.